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Martin Kohlstedt's "FLI" LIVE out of control 2013

My piece "FLI" taken from the album "Tag" LIVE at the Lichthaus-Kino Weimar. The rather defined piece probably lost control on my november tour until a piano hammer breaks off. I'm curious what happens to him in 2014.

Thank you for all your support this year!

Video: Marcus Grysczok (Hypertrashwonderland)
Audio: Maximilian Netter

Free Download: Martin Kohlstedt - "OMB" (North German Philharmonic Orchestra)

To celebrate our latest documentary on OMB you can download the orchestral version featuring the North German Philharmonic Orchestra today! Just head over to my SoundCloud page and grab the MP3 for free.

Martin Kohlstedt "OMB"
Documentary (2013)

The documentary follows my piece "OMB" from its roots in a single tone to the fully formed piece, from it's take as a professionally produced pop song with Ryo in 2010 and it's rendition by the North German Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011 to Panthera Krause's electronic remix 2013.

Production - Marcus Grysczok (Hypertrashwonderland)
Camera 2013 - Marcus Grysczok
Camera 2011 - Benjamin Erdenberger
Music - OMB, Martin Kohlstedt

Thanks to:
Benjamin Erdenberger
Marvin Glöckner
Alexander Ruß
Tim Jaekel
André Karius
Alexander Höffken
Marcus Grysczok
Peter Runkewitz
Ryo Takeda
Elisa Schönbrunn

Förderverein »Küstenkinder & friends e.V.«
»Philharmonische Gesellschaft Rostock«
Zughafen Musik- und Produktionsmanagement

"Tag Remixes"
out October 25th

The "Tag Remixes" will appear in a mere two weeks on October 25th as 10" Vinyl. It's a family project including great artists and friends such as Mathias Kaden, Tilman Jarmer, Panthera Krause, Klinke auf Cinch and as digital bonus Talski and Matthias Fiedler. The "Tag Remixes" will be limited to 300 copies.

Get the Album here

klinke auf cinch remix

The first chord of the first track on "Tag" immediately inspired Klinke auf Cinch to do a remix. They got a feel for ANT right away and started searching for their perfect interpretation, sending me a more refined version every 2 minutes. Cornelius Kirfel's video for their remix of ANT describes this search in the same calm but intricate manner.

Preorder here for the 11th of october.

"Tag" Remixes

The „Tag Remixes“ will appear as a 10“ Vinyl and Digital on the 25th of october. A family-project. Limited to 300 copies.

Martin Kohlstedt - FLI (Mathias Kaden Flimix)
Martin Kohlstedt - FLI (Tilmann Jarmer Remix)
Martin Kohlstedt - OMB (Panthera Krause Remix)
Martin Kohlstedt - ANT (Klinke auf Cinch Remix)

[digital bonus]
Martin Kohlstedt - ENT (Talski Dub)
Martin Kohlstedt - BRU (Matthias Fiedler Remix)

I know it's still a whole month until the release and all information are still top secret. And yet I have the opportunity for you to get the 10inch vinyl allready two weeks earlier plus an extra present here.

New Test Pressing

Something new is on its way. I'm really excited about what's to come and it's only a few more weeks. Stay tuned for further details!

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